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A Murder, A Molester and a the fall of a Dynasty

For those of you not in the NW Arkansas area, here is a rundown of these two cases: 1) Zachary Holly pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Jersey Bridgeman, 6, a girl he had previously babysat. Holly is currently awaiting sentencing. Please Google if you wish to read the very sad developments of […]

Ballet or The Sport for Iron Girls!

Geez, I just came back from two weeks off ballet. After 2 1/2 hours of this dainty pastime with some pilates and yoga thrown in for good measure, I’m SORE!!!!!!!!!! My arms feel like they are dragging the ground like a gorilla, my legs say  “What lift you up?”, even my sternum is achy! In […]

Fraud Alert–TD Tom Davies Eyewear

I want to pass the word about this company. I ordered custom glasses from TD Tom Davies in April of this year. They promised the most comfortable fitting glasses I ever owned. I can definitely say they are the most uncomfortable glasses I ever owned. They cost a mint too. The company refuses to answer e-mail. They […]

Tarot Readings and Frisco Fest

(Aug 22nd-23rd) Friday 5pm-11pm and Saturday 9am -11pm downtown Rogers, Arkansas is hosting its annual Frisco Fest. There will be games, rides, music, etc. I will be doing tarot readings at Victoria’s Café both days. Part of the proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Rogers, so send your friends and your enemies too. […]

Sabbatical over

I’ve enjoyed my break from WP for awhile, but now as the summer is winding down I’m ready to get back in the groove of posting. Life as usual for me is crazy. It’s a song that never shuts up. I’m now music director at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Rogers, AR. I highly suggest […]

Long time no write

I bet you thought I fell off the edge of the earth.  Been busy actually, then sick on top of that. I hope you all are doing well. I’m doing fantabulous. I’m a little behind with Kindle-lizing my second book, The Tale of the Tamochanter, but hopefully in a few days I’ll get it together. I’ve […]


By now many people are starting–or stopping their New Year’s Exercise resolutions. Will all the gaiety of the holiday season it lead me to an interesting perspective. There is only one kind of creature, and that creature is a pig. Now there are many pig variations: dog-pigs, cat-pigs and, yes, even people pigs. If you […]