A Murder, A Molester and a the fall of a Dynasty

For those of you not in the NW Arkansas area, here is a rundown of these two cases:

1) Zachary Holly pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Jersey Bridgeman, 6, a girl he had previously babysat. Holly is currently awaiting sentencing. Please Google if you wish to read the very sad developments of this case.

2) Joshua Duggar, eldest son of TV and breeding legend Jim Bob Duggar, admitted to molesting girls in his house when he was 14-15 years of age.

There are some very interesting parallels to these two assaults:

It is very interesting that the Joshua Duggar and Zachary Holly stories are appearing at the same time in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. One can draw interesting parallels between the two stories. On the one hand a severely abused boy grew up to heinously molest, rape and murder an innocent little girl. One the other a golden boy who had everything, molested innocent girls in the privacy of his own house.

In the first case the California Department of Human Services did not remove Holly as a child from his toxic environment. Certainly they saw the abuse. Did they not care? Were they overloaded with other similar cases? Who knows? We weep for the memory of a forgotten and abused little boy, but we shudder at the end result. Does any of this really excuse Holly’s choice to rape and murder? No. All this is water under the bridge, a child is dead.

Holly is to pay with his life–by death or life behind bars. In a way justice is done, a dangerous person is off the streets.

In the second scenario, a murder was not committed, but molestation did. How did Joshua Duggar, raised in a holy roller family, learn the behavior of a molester? Is it not unlikely that he also learned this by being the victim of molestation himself? Was his molestation covered up by the family too? Again one must ask, does this excuse Duggar from his chosen actions? No. His victims must bear the emotional scars of his inappropriate conduct all of their lives.

Duggar’s abuse scandal was conveniently not reported, or acted upon by the Springdale police, until legal action could no longer be taken. This is shameful. The victims, especially when of the female gender, seem to have no rights at all. Is this to be the Duggar legacy, hushed no-no’s and women without voices, knowledge or ability to protect themselves? Children raised in a dream world with no ability to deal with real-world problems? It does not paint a good picture of fundamental Christian sects or any Christian group for that matter. Anti-Christians may use this to their advantage, but definitely, no group of people on earth is lily white.

How anyone could find a child sexually appealing I cannot understand or stomach. But then again it’s not really about sex is it? It’s about the desire of severely insecure people to exercise control others. Some to the ultimate control of taking another’s life. This is a sickness. Poor man, rich man. Is there any really difference between these two incidents or is it the same monster?

Please if you know anyone, child or adult, being abused please report it to the proper authorities in a timely fashion. If that doesn’t work, blog about it so it cannot be hushed up. You may just save a life. Thank you!


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