Carbon footprints and aide

Hmm, I was just watching a show on food pantries, humanitarian aide, etc. It makes me wonder why they don’t pass out birth control instead of feeding the world’s careless breeding program? If you think I’m lying please research the poor kids that are thrown away by parents who could care less about their offspring as long as they (the parents) are “getting some” somewhere far from their “biological mistakes” while making new ones.  Check out the homeless kids living at the dump and surviving on garbage in South America, India and probably right in your own town.

This leads me to my next idea. I would think with all this carbon footprint hooey that governments would figure out people who breed are creating others who consume, and so on in perpetuity. Why don’t they fine people for having kids instead of giving tax breaks? Less kids, less food pantries. By all means spread the contraceptives!


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