Ballet or The Sport for Iron Girls!

Geez, I just came back from two weeks off ballet. After 2 1/2 hours of this dainty pastime with some pilates and yoga thrown in for good measure, I’m SORE!!!!!!!!!! My arms feel like they are dragging the ground like a gorilla, my legs say  “What lift you up?”, even my sternum is achy! In a few weeks this won’t be the case, but for now?………..ow……………

Why do I put myself through this ordeal, you may well ask. Well, it’s sort of like the girl’s version of the workouts in preparation of the Iron Man competition. Only, I SWEAR it’s much harder! Besides learning to dance, ballerinas learn poise, grace, coordination, balance. They gain lots of muscles as well as improve posture, bone density, memory and overall attitude. It’s not just for girls anymore either. Many adults are taking to the dance floor to slow the affects of aging, such as osteoporosis. Even people hurt in auto accidents have healed themselves through ballet. Adult ballet is taking dance studios by storm, and more mainstream doctors are seeing the benefit of ballet at any age. My studio even places advanced adults in with the more advanced younger dancers. It really fun to be in a class with 12 year olds. I had forgotten how much fun it was to be that age! They are very encouraging to the older dancers and we seem to inspire them too.–best of both worlds.

So when you see those graceful, smiling (how?) ballerinas twirling and leaping with apparent ease like deer across stages worldwide, remember there are many years of blood, sweat, and tears behind it. Dance, Ballerina, Dance! 🙂



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