Reality check

Have you ever had one of those moments? You are going merrily along your way and all of a sudden wonder if that is the right way to do things, that the reality you thought you knew might not me true at all? I spent the weekend at Frisco Fest doing tarot readings. Proceeds benefitted the Humane Society of Rogers. (I got enough to pay for three cats and one dog to be spayed. Yahoo). What “got” me was some of the people really believe in the readings. Yes, they can be uncannily accurate. Some really were! I always do my best to be accurate, but what I’m getting at is some of these people can’t make a decision without them or other sorts of divination. I find this very sad. They seem very nice, caring people but lost somehow, like they can’t focus or don’t want to perhaps. I wish them all the very best.
There is more to reading though than what you see for others. You always see a little of yourself. Here is my epiphany: I’ve been looking, looking, looking (to infinite, etc.) for years for honest to goodness, real full-time employment with benefits at a living wage. No matter how I try it’s like trying to break down Mt. Everest with a small, toy hammer. What I realized is that in every time in my life I tried to do the wrong thing for me, I was thwarted at every turn. If I did manage to succeed, the situation was never as I wished it to be or long-lasting. Somehow peering into the lives of others I realized I need to let go and be. I’m right where I belong. You are too. Enjoy the ride.


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  1. Much truth in this post, Allyssa. I love reading and getting readings, but a person does need to keep a perspective in mind. I tend to think of them more as reflections of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I *might* go if all remains as it is at the time of the reading. And how much of life is ever static? Chaos seems to be the norm, lol.

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