By now many people are starting–or stopping their New Year’s Exercise resolutions. Will all the gaiety of the holiday season it lead me to an interesting perspective. There is only one kind of creature, and that creature is a pig. Now there are many pig variations: dog-pigs, cat-pigs and, yes, even people pigs. If you are alive you want all you can get and more if you can get it–even if you don’t need it or particularly want it! This condition is commonly known as pigitis. How pigs became saddled with this aspersion one can only guess. They aren’t any different from the rest of us. “All for me and none for you.” Maybe we can learn to be less selfish, who knows. Until then may you get all you need and some of what you want, and remember to help others. And if you are a little greedy no and then, don’t tell the pigs.


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