Monthly Archives: November 2013

Cold hard cash

I guess it’s weird, but I love to put money in those Salvation Army kettles. The metal ones were much better. Nothing like the clank of cold, hard cash! I like to support the Salvation Army because unlike other help organizations where the top dogs rake in 100,000K++++ salaries a year and do very little for […]

Shoes sizes and Bunny

I wanted to let you in on a little wrinkle worth knowing in the shoe department. If you have a shoe size 8 women’s or 7 in men’s or smaller, you can buy kid shoes at a much-reduced cost. Google shoe size chart. Ex. Size 8 womens = size 7 in youth or 7 in […]

Sunny Day!

It was a lovely, sunny 75F day this 17th of November. I do so prefer shorts and tank tops to bundling up like the Michelin Tire Man! 60F and below is freezing on the Allyssa Scale.  I guess I should write that 60F = 14ishC = 0A!  Didn’t get much done which is nice. I did […]

Men and women gift giving guides

At this time of year most cultures get busy shopping for holiday gifts. Men, if you are in a relationship you MUST think a gift or think singlehood forever. Stores bombard consumers with innumerable ads, enough to make the most decisive person’s head swim. For you guys debating over the perfect gift for your lady here […]

I just don’t understand men: Football, Ballet and Toilets

I’m back after a hell week of frantic music rehearsal. One week is not long enough notice to get a piece of music and perform it well. Please take note of this if you want music at your event. Please, please a month preparation time is very nice! Enough of that. I’ve reached a quandary of […]