Where have all the perverts come from?

Have you ever wondered why we are awash with perverts of late? As a former teacher I am amazed at the number of teachers sleeping with students (What sickos are they hiring?) and kids being raped on their way home from school (What is WRONG with you it’s a kid, man or woman!!!!!)  I know, good old Hollywood, the purveyor of damning societal fantasies, shows and praises perverted behavior–to the point they even believe it’s normal life, but do you have to follow?  For example think back to the Golden Age of movies how did you see Black Americans depicted? 1) stupid 2) servile 3) dancing 4) lazy, you get the picture. This image lasted so long the Black people started believing it themselves, even though there were many very smart, dedicated Black doctors, inventors (like your clothes dryer?) The rest of the country snagged on to this awful image of Black people and kept them out of good jobs, good schools, etc. All thanks to Hollywood. Similar derogatory images of Muslims all being crazed suicidal-bombing maniacs and Southerners being lazy, stupid racists have negatively affected these groups chances in society.  Perverts are perverts no matter their point of origin, social status, religion or color–period. So why this idolatry of sick-minded individuals?–They are interesting character studies to actors! Who wants to be a Pollyanna when you can portray a serial killer who rapes and eats children? (You get the idea.) Viewers like the obscene an odd too–just look at all the people checking out porn sites……Please, perverts of all kinds, go back in the sewer where you belong!


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