Long time no blog

Hi-de Ho!

     I figured if the government can take a holiday I would take one off blogging for a few days too. I’m ready for Halloween with  all it’s orange, black and green trappings!  Yahoo! It took me long enough to decide upon my costume this year. I’ve threatened to go as a proctologist for years, but this year provides a unique opportunity to up the ante. I’m going as The Obamacare Proctologist. A friend lent me a pair of scrubs. I plan on taping (painter’s tape) a sign reading “Obamacare” on front and another reading “Bend Over” on the back. I hope to win the scariest costume award this year! Cheerio! 



  1. I’m quite sure you’ll win 😉

  2. I did win-most original! I made one slight alteration. I was Dr. Ben Dover, MD!
    You know I favorite you but I don’t get your blogs in my list. I hope all is well in Madison Woods world!

  3. Photos will come soon once I get them from my friend. It’s always good to have something to look forward too though.

  4. Look for photos of the Obamacare Proctologist in a new blog!

  5. Haha, I knew you’d win something or another, LOL. I don’t post to the wordpress.com blog anymore except once/month with the index of posts at the new blog. so you’d either have to just check out the monthly index i post to it and go to the headings that interest you or join the monthly mailing list or sign up for emails at my wildozark.com/blog-2.

    the monthly list works for a lot of people who don’t want regular emails of blog posts. the latest one of those is here, and it has a signup link if you’d like to do that: http://eepurl.com/HIf0P

    Saw the pic, omg that’s funny!

    1. Thanks for the info. How are you?

      1. Harried, lol. I’m working all my spare time to finish an anthology I started last year – and hey, you could vote on the cover this week if you want: http://www.wildozark.com/vote-cover/

        When I get this finished, I can get back to my own novel and other projects. Also training at work still and waiting to leave that job.

        Are you going to OWL next weekend? I am going up Fri night after work.

      2. Hi! Wow, your own anthology. I really need to pull my stuff together. I’m so spread out with music, dance, etc. I can’t believe they still have you coming to train people! Are they not too bright? It can’t be that difficult. I’m dying to move out your way. Keep my posted if you know of anyone selling. I might win the lotto or something! HA! Nope to OWL, I have Nutcracker rehearsal Saturdays. I didn’t see anything about the meeting that was of interest to me anyway. Say ‘hi’ to Fred for me. His e-mail doesn’t work anymore. I wanted to meet Barbara, but GOTTA DANCE!!!!!!!!!! Have fun. Are you staying with OWL next year? I’m thinking no. I really have to watch my dwindling savings you know. I haven’t gotten much out of the meetings in the last two years. I really don’t care to hear other’s success stories and the agents are never interested in Tween/YA.

  6. I’ll probably stay with OWL. They rarely have topics I’m really interested in, but I only go for networking and fellowship anyway. There are sometimes agents who attend and at least a few of the authors there have agents I’d be interested in working with one day. The best way to an agent is through an author they’re already happy with…

    The anthology isn’t my own work, it’s one I am creating from 50 other authors from around the globe. I want to get back to work on my own work now, lol. This anthology has been a huge undertaking and I had no idea how much work was involved when I started.

    Yeah, my replacement isn’t doing so well. It is hard to learn if you don’t have very good computer skills and memory,and chemistry background and he has none of any.

    1. If I get a job I will stay too. I don’t find anyone who writes what I do, so the agent thing hasn’t been a rip-roaring success for me. Still I enjoy the company of fellow writers! Yes, I would bet an anthology would take a huge amount of time to put together. Do you also have to edit works? I just don’t get the work world. I want to work and am intelligent to do about anything and no one is hiring. But nincompoopic boobies get hired like they are going out of style! I finally managed to get an interview and the guy didn’t think I could sell ads. Yet, he thinks I’m good enough to be a secretary PT maybe and a date. He is in for the super-duper deluxe Allyssa Method treatment. What an insult!!!!!!

      1. Yes, all of the stories had to be edited except a few. The word count was 100 words, but you’d be surprised how many came in under or over and not by a word or two that could be passed off as a difference in the way word processors count. I thought I’d been rather clear in the directives, but I’m seeing now after many communications that even if you say the cow is brown and ask after, so many won’t know what color the cow is. It was a learning and enriching experience but I don’t intend to repeat it, hahaha! I delegated a lot of the editing to others in the contributing group who are good at it. Mostly what I’ve done is formatting and layout and communicating.

        There is no one at OWL who writes what I do either, I don’t think. However, I did win 3rd place in the Paranormal category for one of my short stories. It was the only one I’d entered. Next year I’ll enter more stories and see what happens.

        I thought you write fantasy? There are lots of agents who specialize in fantasy for kids and adults.

      2. Ha! Yes people don’t listen to instructions and/or they don’t care or think it applies to them. I’m glad you won a prize. I submitted five stories and got nothing–which I think is odd since no one else fesses up to writing YA! Nope, I’ve talked to the supposedly interested agents and none are. I’m really leaning toward Kindle strictly. Most kids don’t even know what a real book is these days! Still the marketing is the issue. Let’s plan on a lunch soon while you are still coming in to train. Maybe the week after Thanksgiving. The yellow VW had to go back to Kingston to get repaired again, so I’m sharing a car again. @#$@#^@^!!!!!

      3. Lunch this week or next is going to be nearly impossible, I’m afraid. I will be coming to town again, at least monthly, once I return from December’s European meander 😉 We’ll have to get together then and I’ll have lots of photos to share then, too!

      4. Okay, post Europe! I LOVE photos! Where are you going this time? Need a house sitter?

      5. Hey, email me (madison at wildozark dot com). Are you afraid or allergic to dogs, chickens, cats and horses or have any experience with them? there are times often when I need a house sitter and I might while we’re gone while Garrison wants to spend a weekend or night or two away. But my household consists of a bunch of critters and my 17-yr old son, lol. it can also be quite harsh during winter (no central heating) and the water can freeze, and if there’s an ice or snow storm you’ll be land-locked without 4wd. You might prefer to sit during milder weather 😉

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