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The Obamacare Proctologist

The hilarious backside (ha) of the The Obamacare Proctologist costume. Advertisements

The Obamacare Proctologist

This is my prize-winning costume for the year–The Obamacare Proctologist (front). Wait until you read the back!

Happy Halloween

Wishing you all a safe, fun, spooky Halloween! A.A. Riley, author of the Key of Aramath

Where have all the perverts come from?

Have you ever wondered why we are awash with perverts of late? As a former teacher I am amazed at the number of teachers sleeping with students (What sickos are they hiring?) and kids being raped on their way home from school (What is WRONG with you it’s a kid, man or woman!!!!!)  I know, good old […]

Medicare part C-Don’t sign up for it!

Hi Gang,  I went to the chiropractor today and was told that signing up for part C on Medicare would tie you to a list of the doctors the government chose for you. Even if you pay out of pocket for treatment at your favorite doctor or other healthcare provider such as chiropractors, you will be DENIED service–as […]

Poverty is a Silver Lining or Adventures of an old car, a sick cat and a frog

You’ll be happy to know that owing to a low financial status I cannot afford to bump myself off now. Benton County Funeral home charges $975+ fees for death certificates. Geez there is SO much detail in dying! If I don’t snuff it before my parents (since I have no kids, husband, siblings) I have to find […]

Leaf watch

It’s fall, but here our leaves are holding their green longer than usual. Next weekend I think is the famous War Eagle Craft Fair. Maybe they’ll be colorful by then????? How do the leaves look where you live?