Trash talk

Human trash crosses all ethnic, racial and economic lines. You can tell if you or your neighbors are trash if:

1) You have loud, drunken orgies.

2) You let your kids run riot over the neighborhood, their school, restaurants, etc.

3) You do not take care of your house or yard (By this I do not mean not fixing your house because you cannot afford it. I’m talking leaving garbage all over the place.)

4) You discard a member of your family because they don’t look the way you want them to or have a physical or mental problem which you are ashamed to admit runs in your family. Treatments are available. This is particularly evident in upper middle and wealthy classes.

5) You do not value education.

6) You do not obey the law or any form of moral code.

There could be others, but you get the idea. Down with trash, up with people! 



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