Global Currency?

As usual I bury my head in the sand of my writing career and I’m the last to know everything. So what is this chatter about a global currency? Haven’t the Europeans shown us this is a stupid, economy-wrecking activity? I can see, topically, for travelers this would be a great thing (if you haven’t exceeded your carbon-footprint for traveling that is), but at the risk of blasting every semi-stable economy in the world I would strongly advise against it. Seriously the economies of the world are ALL experiencing high unemployment, inflation, and shaky stock markets and foolish rushes to China to make goods each country should make themselves and/or borrow money. You’d be safer getting a loan from a loan shark who’d only break your legs if you didn’t satisfy your end of the bargain. Why push the world farther… WAY…. over the brink into a new Dark Age?


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