So you like communism?

There is a buzz today about communism and it’s wonders. Silly, ignorant people think that a simple change in government economics will bring around a utopian society. Will utopia sounds divine it is totally against human nature and will never exist on this planet. What you end up getting is a military dictatorship with a handful of people richer than Croesus. The rest of the rabble can starve to death as far as the leaders care.

Here is a view from people who lived it. Marvel at its abomination:

We’ll begin with the mundane things, like toilet paper. If the store didn’t have it, which it frequently didn’t, you didn’t get any. Clothing was of the roughest, government issue variety. If you wanted to paint your house blue, but all they had was pink paint, you got pink paint or lived in an unpainted house. The construction was of the ugliest utilitarian style. These dorm-like apartments are frequently raised in the now non-Communist Eastern Bloc Countries.

Enough for the routine difficulties. Your life is in peril 24/7:

As a student, you were not allowed to choose their career, the government chose for you. I know  a lady in Hungary that was decided by the government to be a great guitarist. She wanted to be a psychologist. After the fall of communism, she achieved her dream. To this day she cannot stand to pick up the guitar.

You were not allowed to tell jokes because you might be suspected of anti-government sentiment. For Russians this meant torture, death, or a trip to Siberia and the work camps until you were near death and so thoughtfully returned to your family. A German uncle of mine who was captured by the Soviets in WWII was held until 1965. He was finally sent home two weeks before he died. The Eastern Bloc countries suffered similar fates until the fall of communism. Tales of loved one being taken away in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again. Black cars would roam the streets at night shining searchlights into homes. Woe to the person they decided to snatch to meet their quota of insurgents for that month. No joke. The government had to arrest, torture/incarcerate a certain number of people each month and report back to the Soviet Union. Through endless terror, communism kept the uneasy peace.

In a heroic attempt to educate the world on the evils of communism and their plight to gain freedom, the Hungarians have preserved the Budapest “Terror House” as a museum. Everything has been preserved, tanks, cars, torture implements in the basement. Videos recount the horrors that many unsuspecting Hungarians faced in its walls. A few survivors give detailed accounts of the goings on. Tables where people were questioned for hours on end still bear the carvings of people who had lost all hope once walking through the doors of the Terror House on Andrassy Street.

Interestingly enough, their ordeal began postwar with elections that were rigged, miscounted, or discounted letting the communist leaders take a firm hold in Hungarian government. Sound familiar to our US politics of late?????

A highly educational visit if you can make it. I hope you do. It will stop your heart. You will never forget it. For more information in English please visit:

Stand up for your rights before you lose them all.


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