Goats and Divorce

Sorry I’ve been off for awhile.  Today will be more of blurb than blog. First off, why do we want to waste our lives and money to fight in Syria? All they have are goats and rocks! I’m very sorry for those people who are in that position, but we were in that position 150 years ago.  Who came to our aid to save us from ourselves? It’s their civil war and we need to stay out of it. our money would be best served fixing our economy, infrastructure, education system and ridiculous welfare programs.

The next thing is the newest idea for reality TV. I call it “Gay Divorce” Copyright 2013 A.A. Riley. With all these gay couples marrying nowadays it will be no time before lawyers start cashing in on gay divorces. The “cat” fights that would ensue would be hilarious to watch. Think about it.  More later


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