Monthly Archives: September 2013

Trash talk

Human trash crosses all ethnic, racial and economic lines. You can tell if you or your neighbors are trash if: 1) You have loud, drunken orgies. 2) You let your kids run riot over the neighborhood, their school, restaurants, etc. 3) You do not take care of your house or yard (By this I do […]

Global Currency?

As usual I bury my head in the sand of my writing career and I’m the last to know everything. So what is this chatter about a global currency? Haven’t the Europeans shown us this is a stupid, economy-wrecking activity? I can see, topically, for travelers this would be a great thing (if you haven’t […]

Gift Cards and Pay Pal

I have some free advice for you that I learned the hard way. If you get a gift card and try to buy something online through PayPal, your transaction will not go through and you will still be levied the $1 processing fee by Pay Pal. Don’t do it!

Do people really hire?

I’ve been wondering, since I’ve been unemployed these last few months, I have sent out over 1,000 resumes. No job, no interview, nada. Therefore, I want to know, do businesses really hire anybody these days? If so who? Think about it, have you seen many truly capable people in the workforce today? Nope. So is that […]

So you like communism?

There is a buzz today about communism and it’s wonders. Silly, ignorant people think that a simple change in government economics will bring around a utopian society. Will utopia sounds divine it is totally against human nature and will never exist on this planet. What you end up getting is a military dictatorship with a […]


Hello………….. I don’t know what to say today besides that, but I didn’t want you to feel that I had forgotten my blog family! Have a great weekend!  I’m off to the free ballet!

Goats and Divorce

Sorry I’ve been off for awhile.  Today will be more of blurb than blog. First off, why do we want to waste our lives and money to fight in Syria? All they have are goats and rocks! I’m very sorry for those people who are in that position, but we were in that position 150 […]