You can’t give away free!

I’m off to the ballpark tonight. I won four tickets and no one wants to go with me, so I’m going solo. It just goes to prove you can’t even give free away!



  1. Well good ol’ Dad came with me. We had a ball! I didn’t know that a free buffet was included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Thanks to Harps Food stores! The game was good. I have never sat through and entire baseball game before, so this was an experience for me. It’s nice and relaxed-minus the 120mph balls that come whizzing by your face on occasion! 🙂 My favorite part was watching the kids run pell mell after foul balls! If we could just tap into that energy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another funny thing that would make Super Potty Girl grin was the toilet paper toss between innings! Two kids held toilet seat open while two other kids tried to thrown rolls of toilet paper through the open seat! VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

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