Freedom of Speech–Use It or Lose It!

I want to write today about something that has seemed to slipped past the radar screen lately.  We have all these people screaming about rights to absurd extremes. When these machinations trample on our First Amendment this is showing endangerment of the one right that secures all others. I’m not talking about people abusing this right to hurt others. I’m talking about things like not being able to say Merry Christmas, write professional opinions about political leaders who happen to not be white or part white. The list is growing.  I vividly recall my Chinese teacher in college telling us about their hideous Cultural Revolution in China and how lucky we were to be able to speak out about things that are wrong. Do you have any idea how many people were shot or “went missing” after Tiennamen Square?–for speaking out against injustice? Please don’t let us lose this precious right.  SO what if you have right to bear arms or have your own religion if when controversy happens you aren’t allowed to say anything? Your other rights are gone because your right to free speech is gone. See what I mean? 

Trust me I’ve traveled the world.  There are many interesting places with good people, but there is no other country blessed like the US with all these freedoms. Yet, these tremendously lucky American people are growing so complacent, lazy, stupid, scared (?) that they are willing to give up these rights for their dear, loving government to take care of them. The only people “taken care of” are slaves.  Please, if you have an issue that bothers you, from the simplest issue like a rude employee at a store (talk to the manager and if that doesn’t work, talk to the Better Business Bureau) to a big problem like an environmental issue in your town, don’t hide your head in the sand like an ostrich. Speak out! Or the next Tiennamen Square may be our own.


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