Who are you?

Well, I started this thing like a bull in a china shop, so maybe I should pull back and tell you a little about myself. I’m a freelance writer, a musician (piano, cello, sing and compose), an artist at times. I’m learning ballet which I’d recommend to anyone. Our eldest student in class is 70! So you have no age excuse for not trying it. I’ve taught college math and forensics (the bone kind not the talking kind!), I’ve traveled the world solo, I’ve worked on forensic cases. I love learning languages. I know words in over 30 different languages, but only have a fairly good command of three. I like humor as you may can tell, but I like to get my ideas across too. Subtlety isn’t my forte. I go under the penname of  A.A. Riley, so people don’t misspell my name. Besides my magazine articles (My next will be in The Energy Times) I’m working on a few books.  I have The Key of Aramath in print, and have The Tale of the Tamochanter ready to go. I’m working on book three in that series plus a cookbook The What in the Hell Can I Eat Now Cookbook? for people with multiple dietary restrictions. I’m also working on my first adult book, the infamous The Allyssa Method of Living Right and Other Abominations.  You’ve gotten a small taste of that here already. Enjoy! Thanks to all who have commented, liked, or are following me on this blog adventure.


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