Why work? Why school?

Okay, so I’m between jobs. Done the school thing up to masters, worked as a teacher for 5 years part-time in a no-future community college, what to do now? I’m not game for throwing more good money after bad to get a PhD where there are too many out there. Besides now universities expect their part-timers (adjuncts) to have PhDs!

   I’m applying everywhere for anything I can do which is almost everything. What I want to know is what gives with employers? They either want an uneducated, stupid moron for a $250,000 a year job or a PhD for $12/hr. Don’t people on unemployment get more than that? (Heck, I can say, “DUH” too!)

Who else out there ponders the strange work world these days? What happened to the days you could walk into a business, talk to the boss, get hired, and work there for your career? Now you have to apply to nobody in anywheresville over the internet. They never met you don’t care=you don’t get the job. I would like to write for pay from home which would solve a plethora of problems for me.  Any ideas? Here’s the economy boost suggestion for the day: Give US businesses producing abroad one month to return their infrastructure and jobs to US shore and US citizens. After this date painfully high tariffs would be imposed upon them. The real trick would be to do this before the Chinese claimed all the factories under socialist ownership. Then again we do owe them how many $billion now? What idiot decided to borrow from China anyway. That’s like borrowing from Hilter or something, isn’t it? (That is you’ll never be shed of the debt and they’ll make you “wai ren [ which translates roughly: big nose big eye foreign “white monkey” people] suffer. What’s more, they’ll say since we were so stupid we deserve it. Let’s pay them back by giving them the president and our congress. I can see those callous leeches surviving on one bowl of rice a day, can’t you?!?!  We may get the better end of this deal yet.:)


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