Super Potty Girl

Well, I know by now you think I only talk about things concerning those nether regions, but you will be pleasantly surprised–but not today. Today we are going to talk about my creation, Super Potty Girl. This superhero of dubious credibility was born in 2007 ago and has since snowballed into a mental comic of mass, and gross proportions. It all began when my friend came over for a visit and asked where I was. My mother said, “Where do you think she is? She’s Potty Girl!” I yelled from the bowels (ha) of the bathroom “That’s SUPER Potty Girl to you!” and the beloved superhero was born. Since then SPG has spawned a comic book, a wildly popular Halloween costume, and even an opera–not to mention a host of delightfully gross sidekicks. Here’s a run down:

  1. Super Potty Girl–righter of wrongs. With her toilet paper cape, toilet snake whip and 10,000 Flushes head band she’ll get this world in shape.
  2. Plunger Boy–His name says it all. He plunges toilets and lots of them.
  3. N-Girl–We’ll keep it simple. We do not know what exactly what N-Girl does, but her service IS free. She does have a strange addiction to  (sorry it’s a secret for now.  You’ll have to wait for the opera!) 
  4. Dr. P. Pooper–arch villain, he clogs toilets, promotes either constipation or dissentary, and has a yen for toilet paper cigarettes and Potty Water champagne.
  5. More to come.

So there is the beginning or rather the end of seven years work. Further contributions are always welcome.  Let the insanity comtinue!



  1. Long live Super Potty Girl!

    1. There are some new characters to the SPG saga. They are Dr. Pooper’s henchmen, Turdman #1 and Turdman #2. They spend most of their time griping about having to wear brown outfits, “like rejects from the Lawrence Welk show,” they’d say. Copyright 2007-2013 Allyssa Riley

  2. N-Girl in training · · Reply

    Allyssa , You are CRAZY….But CRAZY GOOD…even if your humor is “in the toilet”

    1. Thanks! Almost done with (rough draft) your part in the opera!

    2. Ngirl’s Lament is on hold for awhile, got to finish my ballet article. I hope all is well with you. Will be in BV next Wed for rehearsal then not until the Sunday after Labor Day.

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