As I said not all my posts will be in the toilet. I thought it would be a good time to talk about marriage. There is all this in the news about gay marriages. What do you think about this? I’m fine with it myself. As long as I’m not trapped into being with one person for my whole life I’m fine with it. Most people are on about imposing their morals on other people. I think that is the height of hypocritical rudeness. The issue here is not a moral, but a legal one. Did you know that if you are not related to or married to a person even if you’ve spent most of your life with them, you have no right to set up their funeral, manage their affairs, even if they explicitly told you what they wanted. I’ve seen this happen several times not just with gay couples, but also people who take care of elderly whose family can’t be bothered with them. Moral is for god to decide, legal is for the state. Same goes with abortion. As far as I’m concern (and yes I’m an only child) anyone who wants to have to share everything (heaven forbid!) from now until doomsday is totally $-ing crazy! My best to you!



  1. Maybe I should ad that my personal views on marriage are not involved here. I’m looking solely at the legality of it.

  2. LOL. I’ve been called crazy before 😉 I, too, think it should be legal between two consenting adults, regardless.

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