Flushable butt wipes? What gives?

Hi All, For my first ever blog I’d like to ponder the relevance of the new phenomena of flushable butt wipes.  They are also known as , in a more hyper-controlled PC way–moist wipes. But there is no doubt that these objects are for your butt. I ask you why? Have Americans become so lacking in their daily hygiene that they no long wash offending orifices? Or is normal, clean body scent not stinky enough for the masses? As a person allergic to perfume I think fragranced soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, make-up, hairspray, cologne, aftershave, etc. is quite enough to create a pong around anyone. Therefore, I think scented butt wipes completely over the top. Please, wash your anal sphincters daily. Any thoughts?



  1. Right on, dude!

  2. Hahahahaha! I am so glad you’ve finally decided to speak up and share your worldly wisdom with us Allyssa. I once knew an old lady who kept a washrag under her sink, hanging on the plumbing, for her old-fashioned version of these butt-wipes. Of course hers wasn’t flushable, but it sure was a lot more environmentally friendly than either toilet paper OR butt-wipes 😉

    1. Yes we must be environmentally conscious!

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