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Costume contest on

I was thrilled to see this costume contest to win $25,000 hosted by I read the official rules because it wasn’t clear on how the winner was selected. I was shocked to see that once you submit your costume idea ALL the intellectual property rights become theirs. (usually the photos become theirs, okay not sweat […]

On the Street Where You Live

Every time I heard that song from “My Fair Lady” I think, I should write something about my street. We are all crazy, no fooling. Let me give you a short taste of our neighborhood. One evening, this man came running out of his house trying to hoist up his undies while chasing a baby […]

1922 Blueshouse Drag

1922 Blueshouse Drag This is my composition, 1922 Blueshouse Drag debuted by the Claudia Burson Trio at Copleand’s New Orleans restaurant in Rogers, AR earlier this year.

You can’t give away free!

I’m off to the ballpark tonight. I won four tickets and no one wants to go with me, so I’m going solo. It just goes to prove you can’t even give free away!

Freedom of Speech–Use It or Lose It!

I want to write today about something that has seemed to slipped past the radar screen lately.  We have all these people screaming about rights to absurd extremes. When these machinations trample on our First Amendment this is showing endangerment of the one right that secures all others. I’m not talking about people abusing this […]


Thanks for all who have joined or commented. I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out, but I hope to follow you soon too! AA Riley

Who are you?

Well, I started this thing like a bull in a china shop, so maybe I should pull back and tell you a little about myself. I’m a freelance writer, a musician (piano, cello, sing and compose), an artist at times. I’m learning ballet which I’d recommend to anyone. Our eldest student in class is 70! So […]